Mehrin Maecenas Club

"The prerequisite for patronage is a relationship with the people and the land, whose history was also co-created by its Jewish inhabitants. Their role in history, as well as the unprecedented murder of innocents, must be commemorated in a dignified manner. We can do this thanks to your interest and your help!"

The history of Jewish Moravia is unique. Now is the time to finally give them the attention they deserve. In cooperation with the best experts, we are building the Moravian Jewish Museum, which, with the help of 21st century technology and a language that can be understood by the younger generation, will recall almost a thousand years of the common history of Jews and Moravians. 

The Mehrin* Maecenas Club provides an opportunity for individuals and companies to get involved in a project that offers connections world-class architecture with socially relevant content. In the centre of Brno will be built a museum designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. The museum will include a "Jewish" library, exhibition and conference hall, educational centre for children and youth, café. Your financial contribution will enable us to acquire new acquisitions for the museum's collections, employ more experts to prepare the museum exhibit, and to continue the educational program the "temporary" museum Malý Mehrin, which will operate from 1 March 2023 in Brno on Vídeňská Street. 

We offer a number of benefits, although we know that there is no substitute for the pleasure of being able to help a good cause at the right time.

Tamara Fischer will take care of you

You can contact her with any query via email
or telephone number +421 940 752 821.

*MEHRIN: Medieval name for Moravia in Hebrew, the word by which Moravian Jews referred to their homeland.


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